Hotel Emiliano

Hotel Emiliano


Centro Histórico


Emiliano Zapata 313, Centro


(477) 3313460

(477) 3242092

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Hotel Emiliano

Presenting the new face of Mexican architecture, Hotel Emiliano crosses Brutalist architecture with colonial style for an unprecedently cool new architectural language. Housed in one of the oldest restored casonas (mansions) in the historic heart of León, the hotel retains the 19th-century Mexican colonial architectural style as the base upon which to build a “floating” copper structure. Here, new technologies, such as hydraulic floors, augment ancient touches, like the Japanese shou sugi ban technique used to waterproof wood for outdoors. Upping the property’s contemporaneity is Juan Emilio Villaseñor’s unique take on smoked Mexican fusion cuisine. All in all, Hotel Emiliano is a bold, adventurous step into Mexico’s hospitality future.

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